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We are extremely proud of our spacious 5,000 square foot dance facility which includes 2 studios, features sprung floors to insure the safety of our students, and portable barres. We will be more than happy to give you a tour in addition to a free trial class of your desire. We look forward to seeing you at BPAC!


Frequently Asked Questions


Is tuition ever prorated? / Does my tuition change based on the number of classes each month? No. Tuition is the same every month regardless of how many classes are held that month. The only months that are prorated are August and June, all dancers are charged for half a month’s tuition for these two months. Students participating in the Nutcracker are charged tuition for December to cover extra rehearsals. Students participating in the Spring Show are charged half a month of tuition for June to cover extra rehearsals.

When is my tuition due? Tuition is due the 7th of each month. Invoices are emailed the 23rd of each month. Any payments made after the 7th will receive a $20 late fee. Tuition can be paid with cash, a check, debit or credit card in person, through the mail, or over the phone.

Is my tuition due by the 7th even if my child misses class the first week of the month?  Yes. Tuition is due by the 7th of each month even if your child misses class or doesn’t have class the first week of the month. You will receive your monthly invoice on the 23rd of the previous month and tuition can be paid at any time.

What is paying by the trimester?  If you choose to pay by the trimester you will receive the following invoices: 1/2August(not part of trimester), September-November, December (not part of trimester), January-March & April-1/2-June. You will receive 5% off your tuition for paying by the trimester. (Adjustment invoices may have to be made depending on changes in classes throughout the year.) If you do not pay your trimester invoice by the 7th of the month then you will not receive the 5% discount.

What are the cost of privates and shared privates and how are they billed?  Any groups with less than 7 students are billed at the private rate ($75 for 60mins, $60 for 45mins, $40 for 30mins). Shared privates are charged at the private rates, divided by the number of students in the private. Privates and shared privates are billed per occurrence. Shared privates are charged, even if your child misses their shared private.


Who participates in the Nutcracker, is it mandatory? All students are invited to participate in the Nutcracker. Participation in the Nutcracker is by audition only. Please note, there is a $30 audition fee and everyone who auditions will get a role in the Nutcracker. Nutcracker rehearsals are held outside of regular class, classes will not perform a piece in the Nutcracker. Participation is completely voluntary. Dancers must also take at least one ballet technique class to participate in the Nutcracker.

Who participates in the Spring Show, is it mandatory?  All students are invited to participate in the Spring Show. Every class will rehearse and perform a piece in the Spring Show. Students will also have the opportunity to audition for lead roles and extra pieces for the Spring Show. Participation is completely voluntary. After costumes have been ordered, you are responsible for payment.

What is the stage fee?  The stage fee is a $50 fee, paid before each performance to help cover the cost of the theater, props, sets and other production elements.

What is the Nutcracker sponsorship fee?  The Nutcracker sponsorship fee is an additional fee required for those who are performing in the Nutcracker. This fee is required in addition to the stage fee and does not count towards any advertising in the program. Please see the tuition page of the parents guide for more information about the Nutcracker sponsorship fee.


Why are some costumes rented and some bought? In some cases, like the Nutcracker, when we can reuse costumes we will rent them for use. In situations such as the spring shows, where pieces change yearly we cannot reuse costumes and have parents buy them.

How much do rented and bought costumes cost?  Prices for rented costumes can be found on the costuming page of the parents guide. Renting costumes also require a $50 deposit that is refunded once the costumes are returned. Purchased costumes vary based on the specific costume, but generally cost $60-$125 (depending on level) and are yours to keep after the show. 

Job Opportunity

The Ballet & Performing Arts Centre is always looking for new and innovative talent. If you would like to submit your resume, please email: