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The Ballet & Performing Arts Centre has a reputation for exceptional performers and creating technically sound dancers. We are dedicated to nurturing a team as well as boosting individual dancers to their highest potential. All Competition team dancers must audition each year. Each dancer is required to sign a contract that binds them for the full season to ensure that all team members are dedicated and fully committed to the studio. The information below may answer a few questions concerning the competitive team.

When are auditions? Auditions will be held Friday, August 5th 11:00-12:45pm & Saturday, August 6th 10:00-1:45. If you are unable to attend, you need to schedule a make-up with Natalie.

Is there anyway to prepare my dancer for auditions? Attending summer camp at BPAC! If you feel you that you would like to work on technique individually, you can schedule a private.

How many hours can we expect our dancer to be involved weekly? It varies depending on what level you make and how many dances you are in. Some of our dancers have one extra rehearsal per week and some have 3-4.

What is the Competition Registration Fee? The Competition Registration fee is to help off set the costs for props, additional items needed for the competition & teacher time & travel.

How many competitions do the dancers attend per year? Approximately 2-3 mandatory competitions. Younger groups may have 2.

What classes will my dancer take? Dancers participating in the competition teams are required to take ballet, jazz & tap & dance for at least 4 hours a week depending on level. Competition students are encouraged to take 2 ballet classes, pointe (if old enough). Nutcracker & Competition students must take 25 hours at BPAC in the summer months. We can not make any exceptions to the above rules.

Who can do solos? Solos are open to ANY of our dancers.

Why should I put my dancer at BPAC? BPAC is a well-rounded training facility that will not only push your child to the best of their ability, but also encourage team unity amongst the dancers. Our students and staff communicate closely with one another and that trust and respect reflects on stage and in classes. We take what we do very seriously and it is a continuous process, in and out of the classroom. Our true job is helping each dancer to become kind, loving, respectable adults and promote success in all avenues of life!