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Ballet Technique





Ballet (Levels IV-I) Students begin with level IV focusing on executing a basic ballet class with both barre and center exercises. As they progress, dancers will learn to coordinate arms, legs, and head as barre exercises change from facing the barre to one handed barre exercises. Dancers will expand their movement vocabulary and technique, learn to execute longer -more involved - combinations, and improve placement, strength, and flexibility.


Pre-pointe and Pointe



Pre-Pointe is offered as a means for students to strengthen feet, ankles, legs, and upper body in preparation for later pointe work.These students have progressed to soft-toe pre-pointe shoes and will continue barre and center work.

Jazz Technique


Our jazz dance program is based on a variety of jazz styles: Broadway, Lyrical ,Contemporary, Hip-hop. Jazz, as a dance form, is the product of the cultural melting pot that is America. It is based on social dance styles from the early twentieth century to present. Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles. Prior to the 1950s, jazz dance referred to dance styles that originated from African American vernacular dance. In the 1950s, a new genre of jazz dance “modern jazz dance” emerged, with roots in Caribbean traditional dance. Every individual style of jazz dance has roots traceable to one of these two distinct origins.

Tap Dance


Tap Dancers begin learning a series of regulated and controlled rhythmical movements of the feet and body. As students progress they will learn syncopated and acapella steps.



We offer hip hop for boys and girls at the beginning and intermediate level. Students practice dance technique skills focusing on syncopation, isolations and break dancing. Dancers will also practice the latest popular hip hop dances in this class.

Preschool Classes



Movement to music and use of props offer a fun and imaginative introduction to dance. Students will learn to recognize rhythm, shape and dynamic while learning to move and count. Each class is a valuable experience of self expression and interaction with others in a classroom setting. Classes are forty-five minutes in length. Performance opportunites are available for The Nutcracker and spring show. Performance is not mandatory for advancement.